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NodeMCU/ESP8266 Wifi Range Extender/Repeater Setup

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Recently I’ve been fiddling around with the nodemcu/esp8266 with different firmware’s and such and figured out that i could set it up as a WiFi repeater/range extender!

Below, i’ll provide the link to the flash-able firmware which i used the “nodemcu flasher 64bit” program to flash it with, the github recommends to use the esp8266 download tool v3.4.4 (both works).

Just follow the instructions on the following resources i provided, and if you have any issues you can contact be from the links to my social media below or comment on this post and i’ll help you with any queries.

Martin’s Flash-able Firmware via Github:
tep-by-Step Guide to tryout this project yourself at instructables:


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