The Flow

As the flow of a stream of water;
we follow through the journey like many others,

But rushing things never end up pretty.
not that we expected them to be overwhelming;
but the spirits really do get the best of us sometimes!

And so they did!
it wasn’t even close to being a symbolic trip
which we did expect for the least,

But similar to the flow of water;
it also has no specific destiny.
it may just have reached from top to bottom,
or just simply become non-vanilla mid way;
but throughout the whole journey,
nothing is really predicted.

Patangal Basak

Below The Horizon

wake up;
the time wasn’t really right
never have I woken, this early
on a holiday morning.
After-all, its still a hassle,
for the regular chores.

My carcass refuses
to get off the couch,
I wiggle my way through
and continue onwards.

Through the rough terrain
I make myself complacent of it
and reach my station,
the moment I turn my face,
to the always existing lobby,
I see that pretty face of yours.
Just for some reason kills me inside.
And as usual, you put your steps
towards the way it leads you to me;
and hug me right away,
as I would have expected.

Even though you were obviously;
you shed those tears of disapproval
as if I was the one to blame.

And as destiny wants it
and on a regular fashion,
I put my arms around your neck,
sighing off to the infinity;
below the horizon.

Patangal basak